The Pledge of allegiance

A key highlight of the Jalsa is the pledge of allegiance at the hand of the Khalifa.
• The Khalifa places his hand on top of the hands of those sitting immediately in front of him and others put their hands on the shoulders of these persons, thereby making a continuous link with the Khalifa.
• As this chain extends out the entire gathering is connected with the Khalifa.
• Members pledge allegiance to the peaceful teachings of Islam and to the Khalifa’s leadership of the community, thereby reaffirming their commitment to the remembrance of God and the service of humanity.


The Jalsa hosts a number of informative exhibitions over the three days. Find out more here

2017 Jalsa Salana Video

Press release

Muslims Amass for Landmark Islamic Convention in English Countryside.

Thirty Thousand Converge for Britain’s Biggest Annual Islamic Gathering Organised by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

Press coverage

Radio Coverage

Media will have access to exclusive interviews with speakers, distinguished guests and faith representatives.
For the Media special arrangement is in place for onsite parking.

Filming and photography are permitted onsite.

To book your place, please contact:

Mahmood Rafiq

Head of Media, Jalsa Salana UK

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